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Q: What is KryptoAds ?
A: KryptoAds is a CPM Ad Network Company. We centralizes the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the publishers who are eager to generate revenue. We serve million of ad impressions every day delivering amazing results for advertisers and high profitable revenue for publishers.

Q: What does KryptoAds offer for Advertisers ?
A: We offers: Banner CPM and Popunders; Real Time Overall Statistics; Ad Impressions targeted per Country; high anticheat protection; Self Service account.
Our contextual targeting ensures advertisers that the most relevant ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time to significantly increase return on investment.
An intuitive web-based self-service user interface allows advertisers to create their own advertising in just a few minutes, reducing in this way administrative overhead costs.

Q: What does KryptoAds offer for Publishers ?
A: We offer all kind of webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by using a selection of clickable text ad and banners on their websites or blogs. We distribute up to 70% of advertiser's bid. We pay publishers for Unique Impressions.
Publishers represent website owners that use our Ad Server to show ads on their sites in exchange for a commission. As a publisher, you select the channel for the ad code you place on your site. This channel (described below) will help the Network Operator and Advertisers set advertisement placement.
Keywords are used to match campaigns to both search and content requests for advertisements.
Publishers have simply copy html code fragments generated by our easy to use web-based user-interface and paste them into their own website.

Q: Are all websites accepted ?
A: No. All websites have to be approved by our staff. I.e. website with less than 3.000 unique impressions per month will be rejected. This procedure is for ensuring to all advertisers an high level traffic. Have a look at our Term and Conditions for further informations

Q: How can I do if I have not a Banner ?
A: A banner is an image that you use to promote your website. If you do not have a banner, we can create one for you for $7 or you can use a graphic program.

Q: Are all banners accepted ?
A: Advertising banners and websites must not contain nudity, partial nudity, violence, vulgar language, or links to not allowed sites. Publishers can place maximum 3 banners per domain, the second and thrid banner will have a little lower rates.

Q: Do you allow publishers to place your banner in all positions ?
A: No. Our Staff will approved your placement if banner will be placed in a visible place. See in the image below when ad placement will be accepted:

Q: Advertisers and publishers can refer new users and earn money from them ?
A: Yes, when they refferred an advertiser, they can earn a percentage from the money paid by this advertiser. The amount is added to account of the referring user in the moment when an order has been marked as paid. When they referred a publisher, they can earn a percentage from the amount which this publisher earned. The amount is added to the account of the referring user at the end of each payment period. For example if the period is 1 month, it happens on the first day of next month. In any case please note that only active users can gain from referrals.

Q: What are payment terms for publishers ?
A: Payments are on NET45 with a minimum of 10$: that is within 45 days after the last day of each calendar month. I.e. Revenue generated in January will be paid within March 15th.